» Could your company offer me a complete suggestion about a shop's manufacture?

Thanks to our age-old experience in designing matters, our company is able to considerate your needs not only in the store rooms, show-windows and cashier's desks, but also in the offices, so that we will be able to suggest you complete solutions that will agree with your desires and your positions.

» I would like to avoid in a way the standardized design of my shop with the use of special designed products.

Our company is able to design and suggest you different and original designs so that you could choose a special image for your shop without ignoring the high aesthetic style, the choice of different materials and finally the quality of manufacture which characterize all our products

» What advantages does your company have?

Our company has important knowledge and great experience in every stage of manufacturing store solutions and office furniture. Besides designing and selling great variety of products, we offer extra services to our customers, such as the products "transport", the responsible placing, a complete service and a great variety of replacement parts. Moreover the manufacture of great quantity of products, enable us to be more competitive.

» It is important for a professional room to be designed by specialized staff.

Every professional room has its own peculiar characteristics, which are usually very important for its design in order to be functional, pleasant, to reflect the desirable image of your company and to be easy to be used for both customers and workers.
For the achievement of all these it is important to have the right explanation of your demands and the design of your will avoid expensive solutions without being functional. The specialized staff of our company is able to offer you help by giving you the best solution for any kind of your needs.

» What kind of quarantee does your company offer?

By empashising the great importance of our products quality, our company collaborates with eponymous factories from abroad in the matters of professional equipment, with high standards of quality in every stage of the manufacture, so that we can totally quarantee the quality of our services.