The firm TZARTZIS SHOP EQUIPMENT S.A. is one of the first companies, which is engaged in the manufacture of metal furniture and shelves with specialization in the difficult and exacting area of equipping shops.

The top executives of the firm and our staff command professional perceptivity important experience and excellent knowledge of manufacturing with professional punctuality and reliability. The firm has been deservedly brought of the top of the market's current demands thanks to these characteristic elements of our staff.

The year 1996 was the landmark in the company's rising advancement in 1996 the company moved into the privately-owned field of 3000 square meters in SINDOS the industrial area of Thessaloniki with an exhibition-room of 500 square meters at 53 G. Alexander street, in Ampelokipous Thessaloniki.

The company TZARTZIS SHOP EQUIPMENT S.A. is collaborating with CEFLA ARREDAMENTI, one of the greatest European firms worldwide with specialization in products designed for shops to represent the firm and its product in Greece. Also is collaborating with another two European great firms, METALSISTEM and FILOMARKET. The first one is specialized in products designed for warehouses and heavy duty constructions, and the second one is specialized in storage and distribution systems for SuperMarkets, Food and Non-Food industries.

In this way, TZARTZIS SHOP EQUIPMENT S.A. has expanded the range of products with new forms, new ideas and with manufacturing materials of high quality and aesthetic design, this variety of products provides us flexibility as far as dimensions, colours and designs are concerned and ability to deal with any kind of requirement.

The fully organized sales department in Greece has a main target the customer's service and satisfaction. At the same time, the company has the ability to contract the consideration of any kind of professional room and offer suggestions and solutions in order to achieve its best function, because the correct disposition and the appropriate equipping is not a luxury, but a necessity.

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